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Our story


Pinot, a name that is always associated with wine, fits perfectly as the name of a restaurant created as an idea of two friends, Miloš Perović and Vuk Vuletić. It opened its doors to guests in April 2022 in the elite New Belgrade neighbourhood West 65. At the very corner of one of the blocks of buildings, with a modest capacity, but with great love as I want to create a pleasant, beautiful and true hospitality atmosphere for guests.

What makes it stand out are the carefully selected foods, with the aim of offering them fresh every day, just those that are in season. Domestic origin, often from small kraft producers.

The idea is for the restaurant to be in a bistro style, with an emphasis on plates that the guests mostly share - family style, because the desire is for the guests to try as many flavours as possible. The menu is short, but skillfully designed by our culinary team led by Suzana Vuletić and Luka Miletić. It changes every 3 months, in order to highlight the food and offer our regular guests a diversity of dishes in accordance with the season.

The wine list is balanced to include wine classics from well-known Serbian winemakers, with a few undiscovered gems, small, off-the-radar wineries that make exceptional wines. Of the foreign wines, the accent is on the old world, the wines of the famous regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, Ribera del Duero, Wachau, Palatinate and others dominate. Wine service is at the highest possible level, at adequate temperatures, in an appropriate Riedel glass. A team of sommeliers led by Vuk Vuletić is in charge of pairing wine and food. From a quality breakfast with your favorite Illy espresso, to a business lunch with the daily pairing of the dish of the day with a glass of wine, to a real hedonistic dinner in several courses of food paired with the highest quality wines, the Pinot restaurant is here for you, seven days a week.


Vuk Vuletic


Vuk Vuletić is our prominent sommelier and restaurateur. He has been working in catering since he was nineteen years old, and he started his career while studying gastronomy in Novi Sad. At the very beginning as a cook, then as a bartender, then a waiter. He went through all the positions in the hospitality industry, and in 2014 he started working as a sommelier after completing his training in the SERSA organization. Then he moved to Belgrade and started at the Steak&Wine restaurant, from where his path led him to the prestigious Square Nine hotel, and then he worked as a manager and sommelier at the wine restaurant "Podrum Novi Wine Art".

The idea of further advancement and gathering even more experience in the business leads him to the position of sales director at the company 105 and again, which deals in the import of top wines from all over the world.

At the beginning of 2022, he made the decision to establish his own small catering corner and together with his friend and longtime acquaintance Miloš Perović entered the Pinot restaurant project.

Today, he stands proudly in front of his team as a sommelier and co-owner.


During his career, he participated in many sommelier competitions and achieved the following results:

- The best sommelier in Serbia in the knowledge of sparkling wines in 2016

- The best sommelier in Serbia in 2017

- The best sommelier of the Balkans in 2018

- Wine personality of the year in the selection of Vino Fino magazine in 2018

- Semi-finalist and 19th sommelier of the World in 2019

- The best sommelier of Serbia as chosen by Gault Millau in 2022



Vuk is a member of the Association of Sommeliers of Serbia, where he works as a lecturer at training courses for new sommeliers. With his daily work in the restaurant and wine business, he actively helps in the development of the domestic wine scene, as well as in working with young sommeliers.

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